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OSI Networking Model

At one point in the history of the OSI model, many people thought that OSI would win the
battle of the networking models discussed earlier. If that had occurred, instead of running
TCP/IP on every computer in the world, those computers would be running with OSI.
However, OSI did not win that battle. In fact, OSI no longer exists as a networking model
that could be used instead of TCP/IP, although some of the original protocols referenced
by the OSI model still exist.
So, why is OSI even in this book? Terminology. During those years in which many people
thought the OSI model would become commonplace in the world of networking (mostly in
the late 1980s and early 1990s), many vendors and protocol documents started using terminology
from the OSI model. That terminology remains today. So, while you will never need
to work with a computer that uses OSI, to understand modern networking terminology, you
need to understand something about OSI.

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