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Select the correct set of options. These are the initial settings for the default security group:

Select the correct set of options. These are the initial settings for the default security group: A. Allow no inbound traffic, Allow all outbound traffic and Allow instances associated with

What configuration in AWS Ops Works is necessary to integrate the new chat module in the most cost- efficient and flexible way?

A web-startup runs its very successful social news application on Amazon EC2 with an Elastic Load Balancer, an Auto-Scaling group of Java/Tomcat application-servers, and DynamoDB as data store. The main

How do you fix your usage dashboard?

You deployed your company website using Elastic Beanstalk and you enabled log file rotation to S3. An Elastic Map Reduce job is periodically analyzing the logs on S3 to build

The solution needs to be cost-effective, highly available, scalable and secure, how would you design a solution to meet the above requirements?

You are developing a new mobile application and are considering storing user preferences in AWS.2w This would provide a more uniform cross-device experience to users using multiple mobile devices to

Which activity would be useful in defending against this attack?

A benefits enrollment company is hosting a 3-tier web application running in a VPC on AWS which includes a NAT (Network Address Translation) instance in the public Web tier. There

How should the application use AWS credentials to access the S3 bucket securely?

You have an application running on an EC2 Instance which will allow users to download flies from a private S3 bucket using a pre-signed URL. Before generating the URL the

Which option below will meet the needs for your NOC members?

Your company has recently extended its datacenter into a VPC on AWS to add burst computing capacity as needed Members of your Network Operations Center need to be able to

Which of the following would allow the application instance access to the DynamoDB tables without exposing API credentials?

An administrator is using Amazon CloudFormation to deploy a three tier web application that consists of a web tier and application tier that will utilize Amazon DynamoDB for storage when

Which of the following describes the most cost effective and performance efficient architecture setup?

You are designing a multi-platform web application for AWS The application will run on EC2 instances and will be accessed from PCs. Tablets and smart phones Supported accessing platforms are

Which configuration below will allow you the ability to remotely administer your application and database servers, as well as allow these servers to retrieve updates from the Internet?

You’ve been brought in as solutions architect to assist an enterprise customer with their migration of an e- commerce platform to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) The previous architect has

In addition to running your application in multiple regions, which option will support this application’s requirements?

Your company hosts a social media site supporting users in multiple countries. You have been asked to provide a highly available design tor the application that leverages multiple regions tor

What database implementation would better fit this scenario, keeping costs as low as possible?

You need a persistent and durable storage to trace call activity of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Call duration is mostly in the 2-3 minutes timeframe. Each traced call

Which service should you use?

Your company plans to host a large donation website on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You anticipate a large and undetermined amount of traffic that will create many database writes. To

Which AWS storage and database architecture meets the requirements of the application?

A 3-tier e-commerce web application is current deployed on-premises and will be migrated to AWS for greater scalability and elasticity. The web server currently shares read-only data using a network

Which of the following strategies will help prevent a similar situation in the future?

Your system recently experienced down time during the troubleshooting process. You found that a new administrator mistakenly terminated several production EC2 instances. Which of the following strategies will help prevent

How should the application use AWS credentials to access the S3 bucket securely?

You have an application running on an EC2 instance which will allow users to download files from a private S3 bucket using a pre-signed URL. Before generating the URL, the

Which of the following options would you consider?

You are designing a data leak prevention solution for your VPC environment. You want your VPC Instances to be able to access software depots and distributions on the Internet for

Please select the answer that will allow you to successfully implement the reporting tier with as little impact as possible to your database.

You are running a successful multitier web application on AWS and your marketing department has asked you to add a reporting tier to the application. The reporting tier will aggregate

How would you optimize this scenario to solve performance issues and automate the process as much as possible?

A company is running a batch analysis every hour on their main transactional DB, running on an RDS MySQL instance, to populate their central Data Warehouse running on Redshift. During

Which of the following will you need to consider so you can set up a solution that incorporates single sign- on from your corporate AD or LDAP directory and restricts access for each user to a designated user folder in a bucket? (Choose 3)

Your fortune 500 company has under taken a TCO analysis evaluating the use of Amazon S3 versus acquiring more hardware The outcome was that ail employees would be granted access

Which is a valid Amazon Resource name (ARN) for IAM?

Which is a valid Amazon Resource name (ARN) for IAM? A. aws:iam::123456789012:instance-profile/Webserver B. arn:aws:iam::123456789012:instance-profile/Webserver C. 123456789012:aws:iam::instance-profile/Webserver D. arn:aws:iam::123456789012::instance-profile/Webserver Answer: B

What should you do in order to avoid errors for future deployments? (Choose 2)

You are responsible for a web application that consists of an Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) load balancer in front of an Auto Scaling group of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Which of the following objectives would you achieve by implementing an IPSec tunnel as outlined above? (Choose 4 answers)

You are designing a connectivity solution between on-premises infrastructure and Amazon VPC. Your servers on-premises will be communicating with your VPC instances. You will be establishing IPSec tunnels over the

Which of the design patterns below should they use?

A company is building a voting system for a popular TV show, viewers win watch the performances then visit the show’s website to vote for their favorite performer. It is

How do you implement this in a highly available and cost-efficient way?

You are designing a personal document-archiving solution for your global enterprise with thousands of employee. Each employee has potentially gigabytes of data to be backed up in this archiving solution.

How would you implement the architecture on AWS in order to maximize scalability and high availability?

You are migrating a legacy client-server application to AWS. The application responds to a specific DNS domain (e.g. www.example.com) and has a 2-tier architecture, with multiple application servers and a

Which of the following options would you consider for configuring the web server infrastructure? (Choose 2)

You are designing an SSL/TLS solution that requires HTTPS clients to be authenticated by the Web server using client certificate authentication. The solution must be resilient. Which of the following

What architecture would allow you to automate the existing process using a hybrid approach and ensure that the architecture can support the evolution of processes over time?

Your company produces customer commissioned one-of-a-kind skiing helmets combining nigh fashion with custom technical enhancements Customers can show off their Individuality on the ski slopes and have access to head-up-displays.

Which of the following could be the root caused? (Choose 2 answers)

You have deployed a three-tier web application in a VPC with a CIDR block of You initially deploy two web servers, two application servers, two database servers and one

Which option meets the requirements for captioning and analyzing this data?

You require the ability to analyze a customer’s clickstream data on a website so they can do behavioral analysis. Your customer needs to know what sequence of pages and ads

Which architecture change could you introduce to reduce costs and still keep your web application secure and scalable?

Your company hosts a social media website for storing and sharing documents. The web application allows user to upload large files while resuming and pausing the upload as needed. Currently,

After configuring DirectConnect settings in the AWS Console, which of the following options win provide the most seamless transition for your users?

Your company previously configured a heavily used, dynamically routed VPN connection between your on- premises data center and AWS. You recently provisioned a DirectConnect connection and would like to start

Which two approaches can satisfy these objectives? (Choose 2)

A corporate web application is deployed within an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and is connected to the corporate data center via an IPSec VPN. The application must authenticate against

How would you improve page load times for your users? (Choose 3 answers)

You are running a news website in the eu-west-1 region that updates every 15 minutes. The website has a world-wide audience. It uses an Auto Scaling group behind an Elastic

Which of the following options provide a viable solution to remedy this situation? (Choose 2)

A customer has established an AWS Direct Connect connection to AWS. The link is up and routes are being advertised from the customer’s end, however the customer is unable to

A user is trying to understand the detailed CloudWatch monitoring concept. Which of the below mentioned services does not provide detailed monitoring with CloudWatch?

A user is trying to understand the detailed CloudWatch monitoring concept. Which of the below mentioned services does not provide detailed monitoring with CloudWatch? A. AWS RDS B. AWS ELB

How do you implement the most cost-efficient architecture without compromising high availability and quality of video delivery?

Your website is serving on-demand training videos to your workforce. Videos are uploaded monthly in high resolution MP4 format. Your workforce is distributed globally often on the move and using

How should they architect their solution?

A web company is looking to implement an external payment service into their highly available application deployed in a VPC Their application EC2 instances are behind a public facing ELB.

What options could you select to migrate the application to AWS? (Choose 2)

You must architect the migration of a web application to AWS. The application consists of Linux web servers running a custom web server. You are required to save the logs

Which of the below are viable mitigation techniques? (Choose 3)

You are designing a social media site and are considering how to mitigate distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Which of the below are viable mitigation techniques? (Choose 3) A. Add multiple

Which design would you choose to meet these requirements?

An International company has deployed a multi-tier web application that relies on DynamoDB in a single region. For regulatory reasons they need disaster recovery capability in a separate region with

Which of the following options would you consider? (Choose 2 answers)

You are designing an intrusion detection prevention (IDS/IPS) solution for a customer web application in a single VPC. You are considering the options for implementing IOS IPS protection for traffic

Which are the best approaches to meet these requirements? (Choose 2 answers)

Your company is getting ready to do a major public announcement of a social media site on AWS. The website is running on EC2 instances deployed across multiple Availability Zones

What is the best approach for storing data to DynamoDB and S3?

Company B is launching a new game app for mobile devices. Users will log into the game using their existing social media account to streamline data capture. Company B would

What might be happening? (Choose 2)

You are implementing a URL whitelisting system for a company that wants to restrict outbound HTTP’S connections to specific domains from their EC2-hosted applications. You deploy a single EC2 instance

Which of the following recommendations would you make to the customer?

An AWS customer runs a public blogging website. The site users upload two million blog entries a month. The average blog entry size is 200 KB. The access rate to

How could you best migrate this application to AWS while meeting your business continuity requirements?

You are responsible for a legacy web application whose server environment is approaching end of life You would like to migrate this application to AWS as quickly as possible, since

How can you reduce the load on your on-premises database resources in the most cost-effective way?

A customer has a 10 GB AWS Direct Connect connection to an AWS region where they have a web application hosted on Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2). The application has

Which of the following would meet all of these conditions?

An enterprise wants to use a third-party SaaS application. The SaaS application needs to have access to issue several API commands to discover Amazon EC2 resources running within the enterprise’s

Your database is 200GB in size and you have a 20Mbps Internet connection. How would you do this while minimizing costs?

Your company currently has a 2-tier web application running in an on-premises data center. You have experienced several infrastructure failures in the past two months resulting in significant financial losses.