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How should the Engineer automate the deployment process while also meeting the security requirements?

A DevOps Engineer is responsible for the deployment of a PHP application. The Engineer is working in a hybrid deployment, with the application running on both on-premises servers and Amazon

What should the Engineer do to identify functional issues during the deployment process? (Choose two.)

An Application team has three environments for their application: development, pre-production, and production. The team recently adopted AWS CodePipeline. However, the team has had several deployments of misconfigured or nonfunctional

How can the DevOps Engineer architect automated healing to automatically recover from EC2 and Aurora failures, in addition to recovering across Availability Zones (AZs), in the MOST cost-effective manner?

A company is migrating an application to AWS that runs on a single Amazon EC2 instance. Because of licensing limitations, the application does not support horizontal scaling. The application will

How can this be cost-effectively automated?

A DevOps Engineer must improve the monitoring of a Finance team payments microservice that handles transactions for an e-commerce platform. The microservice runs on multiple Amazon EC2 instances. The Finance

Which solution meets these requirements?

A DevOps Engineer is working with an application deployed to 12 Amazon EC2 instances across 3 Availability Zones. New instances can be started from an AMI image. On a typical

How can a DevOps Engineer meet these requirements?

A company is using AWS CodeDeploy to automate software deployment. The deployment must meet these requirements: A number of instances must be available to serve traffic during the deployment. Traffic

Which solution meets these requirements?

A company is building a solution for storing files containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on AWS. Requirements state: All data must be encrypted at rest and in transit. Al data

Which solution will meet these requirements?

A company is using AWS for an application. The Development team must automate its deployments. The team has set up an AWS CodePipeline to deploy the application to Amazon EC2

Which steps should be taken to meet these requirements?

A company is building a web and mobile application that uses a serverless architecture powered by AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway. The company wants to fully automate the backend

Which option will require the LEAST effort to implement and ensure the legitimacy of the file while allowing the Security team to prove the authenticity of the logs?

A DevOps Engineer has been asked by the Security team to ensure that AWS CloudTrail files are not tampered with after being created. Currently, there is a process with multiple

What solution ensures the LEAST amount of downtime for the CloudTrail log deliveries?

The Security team depends on AWS CloudTrail to detect sensitive security issues in the company’s AWS account. The DevOps Engineer needs a solution to auto-remediate CloudTrail being turned off in

How should this be achieved?

The Development team at an online retailer has moved to Business support and want to take advantage of the AWS Health Dashboard and the AWS Health API to automate remediation

Which solution is MOST cost-effective and requires the LEAST amount of management overhead when performing rolling updates of the application environment?

A company has an application that has predictable peak traffic times. The company wants the application instances to scale up only during the peak times. The application stores state in

How can these requirements be met with the LEAST management overhead and without requiring different script versions for each deployment group?

A company is adopting AWS CodeDeploy to automate its application deployments for a Java-Apache Tomcat application with an Apache webserver. The Development team started with a proof of concept, created

How can a DevOps Engineer meet these requirements’?

A company wants to implement a Cl/CD pipeline for an application that is deployed on AWS. The company also has a source-code analysis tool hosted on premises that checks for

The DevOps Engineer must develop a solution to minimize downtime and impact. Which of the following solutions should be used to meet the requirements? (Select TWO.)

A Development team is working on a serverless application in AWS. To quickly identify and remediate potential production issues, the team decides to roll out changes to a small number

Which strategy can a DevOps Engineer implement to meet their needs?

A company is deploying a new mobile game on AWS for its customers around the world. The Development team uses AWS Code services and must meet the following requirements: –

What is the MOST likely cause and how can the DevOps Engineer mitigate this problem for this and future versions of the website?

A company has developed a static website hosted on an Amazon S3 bucket. The website is deployed using AWS CloudFormation. The CloudFormation template defines an S3 bucket and a custom

What is the MOST effective way to accomplish these requirements’?

A company is creating a software solution that executes a specific parallel-processing mechanism. The software can scale to tens of servers in some special scenarios. This solution uses a proprietary

How can the Engineer improve the performance of the website?

A publishing company used AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB to develop a web application. The web application has increased dramatically in popularity, resulting in unpredictable spikes in

How can log collection be automated?

A Developer is maintaining a fleet of 50 Amazon EC2 Linux servers. The servers are part of an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group, and also use Elastic Load Balancing for

How should this be accomplished?

A DevOps Engineer is designing a deployment strategy for a web application. The application will use an Auto Scaling group to launch Amazon EC2 instances using an AMI. The same

What is the MOST secure and flexible way to obtain password credentials during deployment?

A large enterprise is deploying a web application on AWS. The application runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. The instances run in an Auto Scaling group

What is the MOST effective configuration that can satisfy all of the requirements?

A Development team is currently using AWS CodeDeploy to deploy an application revision to an Auto Scaling group. If the deployment process fails, it must be rolled back automatically and

The Application Development team has been struggling to collect logs that must be collected and sent to an Amazon S3 bucket for near-real time analysis What must the DevOps Engineer configure in the deployment to meet these requirements? (Select THREE)

A company is implementing an Amazon ECS cluster to run its workload. The company architecture will run multiple ECS services on the cluster, with an Application Load Balancer on the

The DevOps Engineer plans to configure Amazon Route 53 to provide DNS routing to alternate endpoint in the event of an application failure. What steps should the Engineer take to accomplish this? (Select TWO.)

A company needs to introduce automatic DNS failover for a distributed web application to a disaster recovery or standby installation. The DevOps Engineer plans to configure Amazon Route 53 to

What steps should the Engineer follow to set up Systems Manager to automate patching in this environment? (Select TWO.)

A DevOps Engineer is leading the implementation for automating patching of Windows-based workstations in a hybrid cloud environment by using AWS Systems Manager (SSM). What steps should the Engineer follow

Which of the following methods allow for the QUICKEST detection time?

A DevOps Engineer must track the health of a stateless RESTful service sitting behind a Classic Load Balancer. The deployment of new application revisions is through a Cl/CD pipeline. If

How should the deploy stage be configured to meet these requirements?

A DevOps Engineer is building a continuous deployment pipeline for a serverless application using AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild. The source, build, and test stages have been created with the

Which is the MOST efficient and cost-effective solution?

An application has microservices spread across different AWS accounts and is integrated with an on- premises legacy system for some of its functionality. Because of the segmented architecture and missing

What are the possible causes for this error? (Select THREE.)

Am Amazon EC2 instance with no internet access is running in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and needs to download an object from a restricted Amazon S3 bucket. When the

Which deployment sequence will meet these requirements?

A DevOps Engineer is deploying a new web application. The company chooses AWS Elastic Beanstalk for deploying and managing the web application, and Amazon RDS MySQL to handle persistent data.

What is the best practice for using CloudFormation to create new environments?

A company uses a complex system that consists of networking, IAM policies, and multiple three-tier applications. Requirements are still being defined for a new system, so the number of AWS

What should the DevOps Engineer implement to BEST improve the speed of the pipeline?

A business has an application that consists of five independent AWS Lambda functions. The DevOps Engineer has built a CI/CD pipeline using AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild that builds, tests,

According to Information Security Policy, changes to the contents of objects inside production Amazon S3 bucket that contain encrypted secrets should only be made by a trusted group of administrators. How should a DevOps Engineer create real-time, automated checks to meet this requirement?

According to Information Security Policy, changes to the contents of objects inside production Amazon S3 bucket that contain encrypted secrets should only be made by a trusted group of administrators.

What steps should the Engineer take to meet this requirement with the LEAST administrative overhead?

A healthcare services company is concerned about the growing costs of software licensing for an application for monitoring patient wellness. The company wants to create an audit process to ensure

How can the Engineer meet this requirement?

A retail company has adopted AWS OpsWorks for managing its deployments. In the last three months: the company has discovered that some production instances have been restarting without reason. Upon

How should the Engineer upgrade the instance while minimizing downtime?

A company used AWS CloudFormation to deploy a three-tier web application that stores data in an Amazon RDS MySOL Multi-AZ DB instance. A DevOps Engineer must upgrade the RDS instance

Which disaster recovery strategy will require the LEAST amount of changes to the application stack?

An application runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. Amazon RDS MySOL is used on the backend. The instances run in an Auto Scaling group across multiple

What changes should the DevOps Engineer make to ensure that the CloudFormation template is reusable across multiple pipelines?

A company is using an AWS CloudFormation template to deploy web applications. The template requires that manual changes be made for each of the three major environments: production, staging, and

What solution meets all the requirements, ensuring the MOST developer velocity?

A company has microservices running in AWS Lambda that read data from Amazon DynamoDB. The Lambda code is manually deployed by Developers after successful testing. The company now needs the

What steps should the DevOps Engineer take to address the issue with requests coming to the old stacks, while creating minimal additional resources?

An application is being deployed with two Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling groups, each configured with an Application Load Balancer. The application is deployed to one of the Auto Scaling groups

What is the MOST cost-effective way to do this?

A DevOps Engineer must create a Linux AMI in an automated fashion. The newly created AMI identification must be stored in a location where other build pipelines can access the

Which strategies will ensure the deployment happens with zero downtime? (Select TWO.)

A DevOps Engineer is asked to implement a strategy for deploying updates to a web application with zero downtime. The application infrastructure is defined in AWS CloudFormation and is made

Based on this situation, how should the application feature deployments be managed?

A Development team is adding a new country to an e-commerce application. This addition requires that new application features be added to the shipping component of the application. The team

How can this be accomplished?

A company must ensure consistent behavior of an application running on Amazon Linux in its corporate ecosystem before moving into AWS. The company has an existing automated server build system

How can these requirements be met with the LEAST amount of administration?

A healthcare provider has a hybrid architecture that includes 120 on-premises VMware servers running RedHat and 50 Amazon EC2 instances running Amazon Linux. The company is in the middle of

Which of the following options provide the FASTEST way to meet these requirements?

A government agency is storing highly confidential files in an encrypted Amazon S3 bucket. The agency has configured federated access and has allowed only a particular on-premises Active Directory user

Which is the MOST cost-effective solution that requires the LEAST amount of operational management?

A DevOps Engineer has a single Amazon Dynamo DB table that received shipping orders and tracks inventory. The Engineer has three AWS Lambda functions reading from a DymamoDB stream on

How can this be automated with the LEAST amount of operational overhead?

A company has deployed several applications globally. Recently, Security Auditors found that few Amazon EC2 instances were launched without Amazon EBS disk encryption. The Auditors have requested a report detailing